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Balanced Body Authorised Training Centre

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Would You Like to Teach Reformer Pilates?

  • Do you currently teach Mat pilates and feel ready for the challenge of the equipment? Teaching on the Reformer will not only enhance your existing skills but will also bring opportunities to gain new clients.

  • Perhaps you're a Personal Trainer and are looking to broaden your knowledge as well as add another lucrative revenue stream to your income.​​​

  • ​Maybe you currently teach another movement discipline, for example yoga or martial arts, and are interested in teaching pilates. 

  • Or perhaps you take classes regularly, have experienced its amazing benefits and want to share that with others, to dip your toe into the world of teaching. 

​Who Is This Course For?

  • Mat Pilates Teachers

  • Personal Trainers

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Group Fitness Instructors

  • Teachers of another Movement Discipline

  • Or you are passionate about pilates, keen to learn and complete teaching requirements

Become an extraordinary Reformer teacher with Balanced Body, the world's largest pilates educator and equipment manufacturer. Balanced Body Education brings the best of movement science to movement

education. Students will learn how to apply foundational principles to teaching high quality movement to

clients or classes.​ Courses are taught by Louise Porter, Balanced Body Educator, who has been teaching for more than 25 years, both in the U.K. and overseas.

Course Dates 2024

Movement Principles

16 Hours 

  • Prerequisites: none

The foundation and a prerequisite for all Balanced Body Pilates courses. Designed for both new and experienced instructors, the course covers anatomy, biomechanics and provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to become an extraordinary teacher. ​​​​​​​

​Self-study via Balanced Body streaming videos allows you to learn at your own pace (or attend in-person at any authorised training centre). A detailed, full colour manual is also provided.


All Reformer modules are taught in-person at the Studio


Reformer 1        16 hours                           12th & 13th October 2024  

  • Prerequisites: Movement Principles

  • 1 year teaching movement (recommended)

  • 20 Reformer Classes

  • Anatomy qualification prior to final exam​​


Introduction to fundamental Reformer exercises including equipment safety and set-up. A wide variety of exercises are covered to enable teaching the beginning to intermediate client. Students will learn how to teach and cue exercises safely including modifications for special populations.


Reformer 2      16 Hours

9th & 10th November 2024

  • ​Prerequisite Reformer 1

Expands on the Reformer 1 repertoire to include further intermediate to advanced exercises.

Incorporates program design for special populations including pre/post natal clients, osteoporosis and clients with low back conditions. Class design, dynamic assessment and addressing common dysfunctional movement patterns are also covered.


Reformer 3         16 Hours

7th & 8th December 2024

  • Prerequisite: Reformer 1 & 2 ​


The pinnacle of the Reformer work, Reformer 3 encompasses advanced and super-advanced exercises. Progressive sequences designed to teach students advanced movement skills will not only increase your knowledge but also improve your confidence and ability to safely teach clients and classes of all levels.


Each module includes a detailed, full-colour manual together with online streaming videos to enhance learning.

Louise, your teacher, is available for any questions at all that you may have about the modules and education.


Don't Have Access to a Reformer?

As a student you will have access to the studio for self-practice (subject to available times) and will be able to bring in students (for a small fee) to practise teaching (professional liability insurance is required). 



As part of this course you will also be able to attend 1 Reformer class per week (subject to availability) free of charge for the duration of Reformer 1, 2 and 3 modules (end of December 2024). 

If you are interested in further details, or simply would like to have a chat about the training, then please contact Louise on 07511 709816 or email 

Requirements for Completion

  • Movement Principles (16 hours)

  • Balanced Body Reformer 1 - course work and test (16 hours)

  • Balanced Body Reformer 2 - course work and test (16 hours)

  • Balanced Body Reformer 3 - course work and test (16 hours)

  • Anatomy, either Balanced Body Anatomy course or comparable

  • 30 Reformer personal sessions 

  • 30 observation hours (in-person or online classes/sessions, includes Instructor Training videos for modules)

  • 90 student teaching hours (paid classes or sessions, but also includes teaching family or friends)

  • Final written and practical test

  • Total hours for completion 214 hours

  • Upon fulfilment of all criteria students will receive a certificate of completion

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