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10.35 am

Mixed Level (1/2)

Reformer Class

6:15 pm

Mixed Level (2/3) Reformer Class

7:30 pm
Mixed Level (1/2) Reformer Class


10:35 am 
Level 3 Reformer Class

6:15 pm 
Mixed Level (2/3) Reformer Class

7:30 pm

Intro Class


9:25 am

Level 1 Reformer Class

10:35 am
Level 2 Reformer Class


8:45 am 
Level 1 Reformer

9:55 am 
Level 3 Reformer Class

11:00 am 
Level 2 Reformer Class


Group Reformer Classes

For phenomenal results the Reformer works. And fast!

Free Intro Classes

Before joining any of our classes you'll need to attend an Intro Class. The Intro's are free of charge and allow you to try a Reformer class, without obligation, to determine whether it’s suitable for you. The session will also cover safety precautions and settings, which is extremely important if you've never used a Reformer before. Intro Classes are held each Wednesday 7.30pm and must be booked in advance.

Level 1 

After attending an Intro most people will begin with a Level 1 Class. This is similar to the Intro Class, covering  the fundamental Pilates exercises to prepare you to move through to higher level classes, if that’s your goal (some people choose to stay at this level as they prefer the slower pace and consistent choreography). Most people stay at this level for a few weeks, which allows time for joints to strengthen, tissues to lengthen and to become more familiar with the basic Pilates movements.


Level 2 

Once the fundamentals have been mastered you are now ready to work with more-complex movements, stronger exercises and some fun choreography!


Level 3 

A faster-paced and higher-energy workout incorporating some of the more-challenging Pilates repertoire. There is increased strength work and lots of functional exercises - definitely a class for the movers!


All our classes are full-body workouts, incorporating strength, flexibility, posture and spinal health.

Sandra, Wallasey

I started classes 4 years ago and have noticed dramatic improvements: my flexibility has increased and I'm much more aware of alignment and technique, which has helped with my other fitness activities. My balance is better and I can feel (and see) that my core is stronger. I love going to classes - I wish I'd started sooner!

Private Sessions


For a more bespoke service Private Sessions are available (one-to-one; duet or trio). A Private Session will allow you to experience not just the Reformer but all the other equipment in the studio.

There are many of reasons to choose private sessions. For example:

  • You find classes intimidating initially and would first like to gain confidence and experience privately.

  • You have an injury or health issue that might make classes impractical.


  • You’d prefer more time to ask questions and better understand Pilates.


  • You’d like to achieve targeted, specific results more-quickly with a personalised program.


  • You’d simply prefer to work out in a private setting, at a time that suits you, with utmost personal attention.


An initial Private Session includes a movement assessment which will then be used, in conjunction with your goals, to set a personalised program.

Lizzie, Wirral

Louise's Reformer classes are both highly professional and good fun. Exercises are tailored to address the needs of everyone in the group, and always include variations for more advanced versions so you can choose how much to challenge yourself. Having suffered for many years with back problems, regular classes at the studio have helped to reduce stiffness and strengthen my core. The good effects last all week and trips to the osteopath are now, thankfully, few and far between!

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